Seven Mountainsides

by Boston Cream Party



released February 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Ananalog Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Windless
I've been fixing to die with the wind.
I've been fixing to dies on a whim.
Maybe there is no sin, but I know that there is no virtue.

I can't see the dark night or the day.
The wind stole the light away.

On a clear night, you can see for ten million miles.
The stars are as bright as your lover's smile.
I hope the wind blows tonight and keeps the clouds away from the stars.
Track Name: Marcellus
When we're forced to live in cities,
and forget that darkness preceded time,
I'll take my seeds and my mortality,
plant them in a Pennsylvania mountainside.

We will bleed when they frack Marcellus,
and our spigots will pour blue flame.
I'll have bought nothing when they sell us
our front yard for corporate gain.

It's the breeze that blows the spring back to mankind.
Track Name: Amirca
Amirca Llanes solo queria regresar a su tio enfermo.

I brought my home to her back door,
I brought my home to the sea,
I brought my home up the side of the mountain,
but the mountain dumped it right back on me.

I've got a pocket full of minutes
that's begun to stain my hands.
Would you still come to remember me
while you still can.
Track Name: Virginia
Virginia Mountains in the morning time,
egg yolk pinwheel must be God's eye.
The deer are poor as they've never known,
all their food is covered up with snow.
They hold for each other on the mountainside,
a black ant trail stretching to the sky.

I'm just a sad young man and I've lost my touch,
I had so much, man, I had so much.
If you meet my friend down in Costa Rica,
tell her that I've sent my love with you.
Track Name: Cumberland
Sing out bells,
a new day is dawning,
we'll clap with our feet
and swing with our hands.
Some can't read
their own last name backwards,
but I can read
the wood right off the trees.

Sunk my teeth
into a wall of magnolias,
take off your back,
you wont get wet
under your own tent
a setting sun leaves everything
disappeared then red.
It's raining and we have no where to go,
let us reign, we have no where to go.

Speak to me as if you were
a saint planning your own demise
in the soil of a garden,
where the flowers would mark you canonized.
Let us grow, for we have no where to go.
The sun is shining, let us grow.

It's the miracle of our empty hands
to give the peace that we don't possess,
Pass through the valley in Cumberland,
one at a time, Lord, stay with us.
If passing upriver goes luckless and slow,
the valley is green when you get up from below.
Track Name: Rose
You'll miss the diamonds and the carnage if you stay up late.
Weep along, Rose.
Track Name: Curtains
This is
is the highest
point I've ever
thought to call out from.

I am calling
to whomever
would freely come.

To put
put the mountain
back together
just as we found her.

the dust
that blows
across the Earth.

Before we
gutted the mountain
we had never
thought to work for more.

And the
time is coming
that work on nothing
wont get you very far.

For the
mountain gives us
nothing better
than a place that's tall.

If you're
meek as the mountain
you'll be able
to see it all.